Bioriginal creates tailor-made solutions for each health area

With our product portfolio, consisting of different types of ingredients (such as marine oils, vegetable oils, nutraceuticals and MCT), you are able to develop new products with nutritional advantages that answer to a specific health area. We combine ingredients to get a unique formula with which claims can be achieved. Your specification and legal requirements are leading.


Example 1:

Joint health

Healthy joints are essential for maintaining mobility in our body. It is an important way to remain physically active. Avovida® and Borage oil can offer support.


Example 2: 

Beauty from within

A growing number of people pay more attention to what we’re feeding our skin from the inside. BioVin Advanced™ and CocoaNol™ may have positive effects on skin health.

    CocoaNol Cocoa Flavanol Powder

Example 3:

Cognitive health

Supplements for cognitive health are one of the best selling categories of food supplements. AlgalPure DHA® and MCT would be a great basis for a nootropic food supplement.


Different life stages, different needs

Growing up, aging, strengthening our immune system, getting optimal results in sports. It all requires something extra from our body. Our nutraceuticals can support people’s health & wellness. It’s our vision to enable a healthy lifestyle for everyone, regardless of the stage of life.

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